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3 reasons dog bites can lead to major medical concerns

People know that dogs can become aggressive and bite someone, but they often dismiss such incidents as minor. Although many dog bites only cause short-term medical issues, sometimes they have more significant consequences.

There are several situations in which dog bites can have devastating consequences for the person attacked and their immediate family.

When a dog lunges for someone’s throat

When dog bite attacks prove fatal, it is often because the dog bit someone’s throat during the attack. Even with immediate medical care, it may not be possible to save someone’s life after the blood loss and physical trauma involved in such an attack.

When the bite gets infected

Dog bite wounds are a big infection risk. Their teeth are long and tapered, which allows them to make deep puncture wounds. It can be difficult for someone to clean out a puncture wound properly when a dog attacks. Infection is of particular concern when people don’t get medical intervention right after the attack.

When the victim is a child

Children can suffer much worse injuries from a dog bite attack than an adult would. Children obviously lack the physical strength that an adult has to fend off the animal. Their short stature means it will be easier for the animal to inflict damage to more delicate tissue, like the throat and face.

People who own dogs should train their animals carefully and monitor them so that they don’t hurt other people. Filing an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit may be necessary to recover the medical expenses my family has after a dog bite attack.