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Workers’ Compensation: Relief For Injured Employees

If you were injured in the course of your work duties, you are likely eligible for worker’s compensation, beginning with a free initial medical exam.

Even as you receive some help quickly, you may wonder how to find out about all the benefits you are eligible for. You also may encounter roadblocks and obstacles, such as the following:

  • Your initial claim may be denied if your employer or their insurer refuses to acknowledge that your injuries happened in the course of your work activities.
  • You may be denied the opportunity to work with a doctor of your choosing.
  • Your benefits may stop coming before you are ready to go back to work.
  • The workers’ compensation insurer may offer you a lump-sum settlement, and you may not know whether it is a good move to accept it in lieu of ongoing payments.

Whatever questions or problems you encounter as you recover from a workplace injury in Illinois or Indiana, Polansky & Cichon, Chtd., is a trustworthy source of help. Our law firm was established in 1983, and we have helped many injured workers maximize their workers’ compensation benefits.

The Workers Whom We Represent

Examples of clients who turn to our workplace injury lawyers are the following:

  • Transportation and delivery workers
  • Construction workers and tradespeople
  • Flight attendants and other airline workers
  • Front-of-house and back-of-house (FOH and BOH) workers at restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses serving the public
  • Nurses, personal care attendants (PCAs), medical imaging technicians and emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  • Physicians, including anesthesiologists and other specialists

We have years of experience and many success stories from our representation of workers in a range of medical fields. In case of disputes with a workers’ compensation insurer or your employer, we can act immediately to protect your interests.

Third-Party Liability Claims And Other Issues Related To Workplace Injuries

Your workplace injury may trigger other legal issues beyond workers’ compensation, such as a third-party liability claim. In this case, you will bring a personal injury claim against someone other than your employer whose negligence caused or contributed to your on-the-job injury. Our lawyers are experienced in both areas of compensation for injured workers:

  1. Workers’ compensation
  2. Third-party claims

In addition, we help some injured workers with catastrophic injuries to pursue Social Security Disability benefits. Ask us about rules for collecting SSD and workers’ compensation benefits simultaneously.

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