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Representing People Injured Through Dog Bites And Other Animal Attacks

After a dog bite that breaks the skin or any animal attack that causes injuries, we urge you to get a medical evaluation right away. The wound might develop an infection or other complications without proper care. If the bite is serious or if your doctor says you will need follow-up care, you should also get timely legal counsel. You may have more medical bills ahead of you than you first imagine.

At Polansky & Cichon, Chtd., our attorneys pay close attention to the healing progress of our clients who are recovering from dog bites. We know that hidden damage such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be a factor. We also know that young sufferers of dog bites may need additional plastic surgery in the future. Projected future expenses should be taken into account as your attorney builds an injury claim on your behalf.

Ways That Our Attorneys Can Help Right Away

If you choose a lawyer from our law firm to represent you after a dog bite or any animal attack, you can count on a detailed, proactive approach. Our goal is for you to recover the maximum available compensation for medical expenses, lost wage replacement, and pain and suffering.

Educating you about the legal aspects of your dog bite case is a large part of what we do as we build trusting attorney-client relationships. For example, maybe the dog that bit you or your child belongs to a friend or family member. You may hesitate to think about “suing” them. In fact, filing a claim or lawsuit through their homeowners insurance may be the most reliable way to get the financial resources needed to cover your medical and other costs. We will gladly explain this and other things to know about an injury claim after a dog bite or animal attack, such as how to get medical care before you have recovered compensation to pay for it.

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See for yourself how our aggressive representation and open communication between attorneys and clients make a difference after an injury such as a dog bite or any animal attack.