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Abuse in memory care facilities is difficult to spot

The realization that your parent needs to move into a memory care facility in order to remain safe is hard to handle. You have to think about how you can protect them as they make this transition. The sad fact is that workers in these facilities sometimes take advantage of the residents they should be helping.

Finding a great memory care facility takes some work. You have to go through reviews of the facilities in the target area and determine which of those take your parent’s long-term care insurance if they have a policy.

Protecting your parent

Once you find the memory care facility that meets your parent’s needs and they move in, you’ll have to keep a close eye on them to ensure that they’re being treated appropriately. It’s often hard to spot signs of abuse or neglect in these facilities.

In many cases, such as when a parent has dementia, they can’t speak up about what’s going on. They might be intimidated by the staff members, which could make them afraid to say what’s going on. This can make your life even more stressful because you have an idea of what’s happening but no proof of it.

When you can prove that there’s abuse or neglect going on at a memory care facility, you may decide that moving your parent to another facility is best. This might be met with pushback from their long-term care insurer, so you will once again find yourself in a battle to get them the care they need.

Having someone on your side who’s familiar with these situations can help you from start to finish in these cases. They can explain the laws and let you know what recourse you have.