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The role of an attorney in a construction injury claim

Construction work is one of the best blue-collar professions available in Illinois. Employees in the construction sector earn competitive wages in many cases. They also typically receive excellent workplace benefits. They may also find themselves in a stressful situation if they get hurt on the job. An injured construction professional is likely to require time away from their job and may also have major medical expenses.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured Illinois construction workers cover their expenses. Many workers bring in a lawyer to assist them with the claims process. Why do many employees hire an attorney when they need workers’ compensation benefits?

A lawyer understands the law

The simplest explanation for why legal representation is beneficial is that the law largely dictates what benefits someone may receive. Workers who hire a lawyer have someone who understands statutes in Illinois and important previous court cases that may have addressed similar benefits claims. An attorney can quickly educate a worker about the benefits that they may be eligible to receive.

Attorneys can handle the technical details

From the paperwork required to initiate a claim to the process of negotiating a settlement with an insurance company, there are many elements of a claim that require specialized knowledge and attention to detail. A construction worker who has specialized in welding or roofing for years is at a disadvantage if they suddenly have to learn about corporate negotiations and bureaucratic paperwork. By working with a lawyer, an injured construction professional can secure the assistance of someone who can handle all of the red tape on their behalf.

Lawyers can advise about other options

Workers’ compensation is a very valuable benefits system, but it is far from comprehensive. The disability benefits, for example, fall far short of fully replacing a well-paid blue-collar worker’s income. In some cases, construction injuries may relate to dangerous property conditions or defective products. There could be a third party that has a degree of liability for the incident. Workers can sometimes pursue a lawsuit against a third party in addition to requesting workers’ compensation benefits.

Partnering with an attorney can make a major difference for a construction professional with an on-the-job injury. Those who have help from the earliest stages reduce their risk of major issues during their claims process, and can potentially maximize the support to which they are entitled.