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2 reasons neck and back injuries from crashes are so expensive

Car crashes sometimes lead to severe injuries, especially if they cause damage to someone’s neck or back. Such injuries can range from whiplash and other soft tissue harm to spinal cord injuries that will not respond to any sort of medical intervention.

Neck and back injuries are often among the most expensive injuries that people can incur in a motor vehicle collision. Why do they become so expensive so quickly?

1. Specialized care can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

When someone has an injury to their neck or back, those responding to a crash will often take special measures to stabilize them physically in case they have a spinal cord injury. They will very likely undergo thorough medical testing after receiving emergency transportation services. Even soft tissue injuries can therefore lead to thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Specific diagnostic testing and other specialized interventions are often necessary when there are signs of a spinal cord injury following a car crash. The cost for even an incomplete spinal cord injury can be hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of someone’s life.

2. Neck and back injuries affect employment

Whether someone has whiplash or a spinal cord injury, they will likely require a leave of absence while they undergo medical treatment. Even those who will recover fully from their injuries may require rest and physical therapy before resuming their employment.

In some cases, including spinal cord injuries, a worker will never be able to do the job they did before the car crash. There are also many possible household consequences that came come with neck and back injuries. People may need to move into a first-floor bedroom or may no longer be able to fulfill certain household duties for their families. They may require professional services or special equipment.

Victims need to have a reasonable idea of how much a back or neck injury will cost in terms of medical care, lost wages and secondary expenses when pursuing compensation in the wake of a car crash. Sometimes, insurance coverage will not be enough to meet a victim’s needs, and filing a civil lawsuit will be the only reasonable means of recovering the losses caused by a wreck. Understanding how neck and back injuries can cause financial hardship may benefit those hoping to mitigate their losses from a recent car crash. Asking a legal professional for clarifying guidance can be helpful as well.