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2 steps that protect those hurt in a public slip-and-fall

People often move through retail establishments and other commercial spaces without paying much attention to their surroundings. They expect that the space will be safe, so they don’t necessarily watch for tripping and slipping hazards the way they might on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, some people who simply need to pick up a bottle of olive oil or a box of oatmeal at the grocery store could end up falling. They could hit their head while trying to grab a few staple items and end up with a brain injury. They could break their arm if they strike a display or a cart on their way to the floor.

Those who fall while patronizing a business will need medical attention for their injuries. They will also need to take other steps to protect their right to bring a claim against the company if doing so later proves necessary.

1. They should document any safety issues

Most people carry mobile phones that have high-power cameras. That mobile phone can be the most important tool when someone slips on an unaddressed puddle of spilled soda or dry merchandise scattered across the floor.

Taking pictures or videos of environmental factors that show the business was negligent in its maintenance of the space could help solidify someone’s right to compensation later. Spills and other issues that lead to a slip-and-fall could disappear shortly after the incident if someone doesn’t record proof.

2. They should advise the business of what happened

While getting medical care in a timely manner is important, the company where someone got hurt needs to know about the incident. Those who report a slip-and-fall to the manager of a business before leaving to pursue medical care will typically have to sign an incident report.

Notifying the business will prevent them from unintentionally getting rid of valuable security camera footage or other evidence. It also helps ensure they have internal records to validate someone’s claim if they later require support paying for medical bills and other expenses.

Most businesses carry some premises liability coverage that will help to reimburse those who have been hurt while out shopping. Taking the proper steps after a slip-and-fall incident will make it easier for those affected by poor property maintenance to secure the compensation that they deserve.