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Is your elderly relative getting the sustenance they need? 

As a family, you decided recently that it would be in the best interests of your elderly relative to be cared for in a nursing home. You spent a long time researching different facilities and you’ve picked a highly rated institution. 

The facility has promised you that they will take care of your relative’s needs every single day. Unfortunately, after your most recent visit, you suspect that they have reneged on this promise. You don’t think your relative is being provided with healthy meals each day. 

What are some of the more common signs of elderly malnutrition

Noticeable weight loss 

Your relative has always been what you would call a healthy weight. You know very well the size of clothes that they wear as you’ve been on many shopping trips over the years. On your last visit, the shirt they were wearing seemed to be ill-fitting. It dropped down from their body rather than fitting them in a snug fashion. Noticeable weight loss is just one sign that an elderly person is malnourished. 

Unusual bruising 

On your last visit, you noticed a bruise on your relative’s arm. They tell you a story of how they bumped it on the kitchen counter and that is the end of it. However, upon your next visit a week later, the bruise is still there and it hasn’t improved. If your relative has bruising or wounds that are not healing, this could be a sign that they are malnourished and their body’s recovery systems are not working as they should. 

Elderly people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and your loved ones are no exception. If a family member has been subjected to nursing home abuse, then be sure to explore your legal options.