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What should you do after a workplace accident in Chicago?

Thousands of workplace accidents happen annually in Illinois. However, not all victims are aware of what they need to do after suffering an injury on the job. As a result, many deserving workers do not get the workers’ compensation benefits to which they’re entitled.

You may have a valid claim, but your actions after the accident may affect your chances of getting these important benefits. Here is what you need to do.

Inform your employer and document your accident

Illinois laws provide a 45-day window to inform your employer of a workplace injury. However, it is advisable to inform them immediately after it occurs or as soon as you discover your injury. Such notice can be provided orally or in writing.

It is also necessary to document your accident and avoid any gray areas regarding the circumstances that led to it. This is very crucial to your claim, especially when you need to provide evidence of how the accident occurred. If you can, take photos of the scene, CCTV footage or even statements from colleagues who witnessed the accident.

Seek medical attention

Do not downplay any injuries, no matter how minor. There may be more than meets the eye. Seeking treatment after the accident will ensure that you have your doctor’s statements to rely on should you need to prove the extent of the injuries you suffered and if they prevent you from working as usual.

Understand the workers’ compensation claims process

The claims process involves a fair bit of paperwork and strict deadlines. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand how everything works and what to expect in the lead-up to your benefits. It will increase your chances of success and help ensure that you are well prepared for any challenges that may come up.