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Why careless low-speed vehicle drivers can be dangerous

If you live in a retirement community, you may find that a lot of your neighbors use low-speed vehicles (LSV) to get around. While you used to see these primarily on golf courses and large resorts, they seem to be popping up in more places – including camping and hiking areas.

While LSVs don’t have the same kind of regulations as cars and other vehicles, people still have to be careful when they’re driving or riding in them. They can and do crash and roll over — seriously injuring those in them as well as those who happen to be around them.

Drinking and driving

Some people who would never get behind the wheel of their car after drinking think nothing of driving a golf cart or other LSV during a day of golfing and beers or while getting back to their bungalow at the outer reaches of a resort after a few glasses of wine with dinner. Actor and avid golfer Bill Murray was once stopped by police in Sweden for operating a golf cart under the influence of alcohol as he headed back to his hotel after a gaim.

Other LSV behaviors that are dangerous 

Drunk drivers aren’t the only people who are dangerous at the wheel of an LSV. Among the things that some inexperienced, negligent and reckless operators do include:

  • Carrying more people than the LSV can safely hold
  • Not looking behind them before they put the LSV in reverse
  • Not positioning the direction selector properly before they accelerate.
  • Not slowing down on curves and turns
  • Not putting on the parking brake
  • Talking or texting on their phones

Careless LSV drivers can seriously injure pedestrians, bicyclists and their own passengers. If you’ve suffered an injury because of someone else’s actions or negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. 

Don’t settle with the insurance company or the driver until you know the full extent of your injuries and damages