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Retirement vehicles and the potential dangers to seniors

Today, seniors (those over the age of 65) are driving fewer miles and therefore being involved in fewer accidents. Even though this is the case, when they are involved in an accident, the injuries they sustain are often more serious. 

There are a few reasons for this. Keep reading to learn about the increased injury possibility for seniors who are driving “retirement vehicles.”

What are retirement vehicles?

Many older people drive smaller, older vehicles to get from point A to point B. There are a few reasons for this. For example, their older vehicle is likely paid off and they are comfortable in the vehicle they have driven for a while. 

Unfortunately, because of their age, these so-called “retirement vehicles” don’t have all the modern safety features and technology that helps to keep drivers and passengers safe. Because of this, if an accident does occur, the potential for more serious injuries is real. 

Many seniors don’t see the value of modern safety features

Unfortunately, many older drivers don’t see the value of modern technology and safety features, which means they aren’t even willing to consider purchasing a newer vehicle. With more of these older vehicles on the road, it makes the potential for serious injuries to occur even in a minor accident. 

Seniors also find smaller vehicles are more comfortable

It’s also worth mentioning that many seniors find smaller vehicles more comfortable to drive. They feel like they can easily maneuver them in traffic. Unfortunately, even newer, smaller vehicles aren’t as safe as the larger options on the road. 

Steps to take after a motor vehicle accident

Because injuries have the potential to be more serious in retirement vehicles, it’s important for those driving these to protect their rights if an accident occurs. Experienced legal guidance after a wreck is always wise.